Physician’s guide to medical marijuana. Health Canada’s Information for Health Care Professionals

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Get the answers to the most common and frequently asked questions about clinical trials.

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What We Do?

ABcann is a group of people who share a common belief that clients deserve access to standardized medical cannabis. We have built our processes and company on a commitment to delivering products that are reliable and repeatable, batch after batch.

What is medical cannabis?

Medical cannabis refers to the use of cannabis in association with a variety of conditions. At ABcann, we have invested in the technology and developed the methodologies to allow us complete standardization with our medical cannabis. Read more »

The cannabis plant

The cannabis plant contains three species, Cannabis indica, Cannabis sativa and Cannabis ruderalis. The most psychoactive compound in cannabis is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and other compounds including cannabidiol (CBD), cannabinol (CBN). Read more »

Endocannabinoid system

The human body naturally produces cannabis-like molecules called endocannabinoids, which play an important role in the regulatory functions of the body. The system shows that endocannabinoids are critical to homeostasis, or the body’s well-being. Read more »


Within the medical community, it is believed cannabis has many variables that make it difficult to prescribe dosages in a traditional manner. Precise dosages have not been established; however, there are some guidelines. Read more »

News & updates



1. Are you accepting new patients?

Product availability and registration dates are still yet to be determined.

2. How do I register with ABcann?

Registration includes completion of two different forms, the Registration Application and the Medical Document. The Medical Document, form B must be completed by a licensed physician, or a nurse practitioner. The Registration Application and Medical Document must be submitted together and sent to ABcann by mail.  The mailing address is indicated on both forms.

General Medical Cannabis Questions

1. How do the regulations affect me?

The goal of the MMPR as stated by Health Canada is to treat medical marihuana more like other pharmaceutical medications.  Under the MMPR Health Canada will no longer serve as the authorization body for medical marijuana in Canada.  Health Canada will not provide personal production or designated grower licenses, nor will Health Canada sell medical marijuana from a contracted supplier.  Instead, Health Canada will license producers to provide dried marijuana directly to medical marijuana patients.  Patients must first register with the Licensed Producer by submitting documentation including a Medical Document authorized by a licensed physician and the appropriate application form.

 2. Is Medical Cannabis safe?

 Medical cannabis is safer to use than prescription opiates (oxycontin and vicodin) according to a 2013 study published in The Lancet. The safety of cannabis is increased when prescribed by a person’s health care practitioner and purchased through a licensed producer.

Questions about ABcann

1. What strains do you have?

ABcann is in the process of creating High CBD, blended THC/CBD and High THC strains.

2. How much does your product cost?

Currently our pricing is under development.  When product is available we will have more information on pricing.


1. I am a Military Veteran. Is there any coverage for me?

 Contact Veteran Affairs for additional information.

2. Does ABcann have a compassionate pricing program?

 ABcann is in the process of developing a compassionate pricing program to provide accessibility for low income patients.

3. Will my medical plan cover the cost of medical cannabis?

 We are lobbying with the insurance industry, as well as the Provincial financial support agencies to obtain financial assistance to cover the costs associated with our patient’s medical marijuana needs.  We recommend that you discuss this directly with your insurance provider.

Research and Development

We are pleased to announce that Professor Raphael Mechoulam has joined the ABcann’s Research & Advisory Board. Professor Raphael Mechoulam (otherwise known as the Father of Marijuana Research) is an Israeli Organic Chemist and professor from the Department for Medicinal Chemistry and Natural Products at Hebrew University of Jerusalem Institute for Drug Research, Medical Faculty; is now in partnership with ABcann to on various research initiatives with regard to medical cannabis.

Why Become a Client

Access to organically certifiable, medical cannabis. We are all passionate, caring and committed to serve our clients to the best of our ability.

Standardized products guaranteeing you will receive an identical product every time with every order

Access to our Client Portal to provide ongoing education and resources about medical cannabis, including access to an online shopping cart

Access to client discount programs for qualified applicants to support those with limited resources

Be part of an organization actively supporting research initiatives and client support programs to aid in the accessibility of cannabis for medical purposes

Trained and knowledgeable Client Care Team to help answer questions on medical cannabis and make your experience as friendly and easy as possible

We are currently not accepting registrations.

For more information as to when registration will be available, please submit your information and a Client Care Representative will be in touch with you.

The Cannabinoids: Looking Back and Ahead

Presented by: Professor Raphael Mechoulam

Hosted by: ABcann Medicinals and Queens University – School of Medicine

ABcann Medicinals

From our research initiatives to our leading-edge standardization technology

ABcann’s monitoring system technology allows us to replicate the natural ecosystem in any environment that is home to the genetic strain that we are growing. This includes complete control and customization of air quality, humidity, temperature, CO2 levels, watering and plant nutrition.ABcann’s smart lighting systems allow us to recreate the spectrum native to any part of the world where the genetic strain originates. This ensures the crop receives the same amount of sunlight that it would expect to receive in its natural habitat. Thus, allowing it to fully develop without change to new environmental conditions.
ABcann’s soil is developed in house and is Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) certified.  To develop our plants to their full potential, they need to receive nutrition naturally from the bottom (soil) up, without chemical additives. Our soil, complete with the biodiversity plants would expect in nature, is capable of supplying the required nutrients through natural delivery.

Our technology

Controlled Growth Environment

 Our controlled growth chambers are capable of monitoring and controlling every aspect of the growth process. All processes are computer controlled allowing ABcann to create a repeatable process, ensuring the same results time after time.
Our automated control systems have been used  for years in the horticultural industry, and are coupled with industry leading state of-the-art growth chambers capable of standardized cannabis production.

Growth Height
ABcann ensures the growth height of our plants is kept at a minimum. This allows us to consistently maintain the environmental factors during the growth canopy resulting in the standardized product you receive.

Small Batch Growth
ABcann grows its plants in small quantities and in smaller sized rooms. Through this, we are able to achieve the consistency that is demanded in a standardized product. It allows us to control the natural environment established for that strain of cannabis without the kind of variation that may result when producing large quantities in larger rooms.

Natural Growth
By using our GrowWatch (TM) systems we are able to replicate and emulate the natural environment of every strain in any part of the world, our methods can ensure there are no chemicals used in any part of the process.

Organically Certifiable
By using organic substrates and applying only organically derived fertilizers, our plants receive the necessary nutrition and  uptake nutrients as they would in nature.

Drying & Curing

ABcann products go through a final curing stage, in a state-of-the-art chamber, with fully repeatable climate controlled technology. By allowing the chlorophylls to break down over time during the curing process, the products are able to maintain the standardized result you will receive each time you order a strain from ABcann.

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