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Would you like ABcann to seek approval from Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) for medical cannabis reimbursement coverage on your behalf?

Are you registered as a VAC patient with another Licensed Producer?

I have selected ABcann to seek approval from Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) for reimbursement, and authorize them to send the VAC a complete copy of the application. I also select ABcann to bill the VAC directly for the cost of my medical cannabis.*

ABcann does not guarantee VAC approval. Once VAC approves your application they will incur the cost of your medical cannabis up to the amount covered. Products other than medicinal cannabis are not eligible for VAC reimbursement and you will be responsible for payment for such items.

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Please contact a Client Care Representative at 1-855-322-2266 to obtain the necessary documentation.

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  • The Applicant (Client) ordinarily resides in Canada.
  • The Applicant will use cannabis for his or her own medical purposes.
  • The supporting Medical Document or Registration Certificate is not being used to seek or obtain cannabis from another source.
  • The original of the Medical Document or a copy of the Registration Certificate accompanies this application.
  • The information in this registration application and the accompanying Medical Document or a copy of the Registration Certificate is correct and complete.
  • The Applicant acknowledges that medical cannabis is not approved for the use as a drug in Canada, that its indications, safety and risks have not been adequately studied and the appropriate dosage is unclear.
  • The Applicant acknowledges that they are using medical cannabis from ABcann on the advice of their Health Care Practitioner.
  • The Client and caregiver (if applicable) acknowledge(s) that any medical cannabis product obtained from ABcann Medicinals Inc. is done so at their own risk and hereby release(s) ABcann Medicinals Inc. along with its affiliates, partners, providers, directors, officers and employees from any and all actions, claims, complaints, and demands for damages, loss or injury whatsoever arising directly or indirectly as a consequence of the use of medical cannabis products.
  • The Applicant also acknowledges they are aware that the use of cannabis may cause impairment, so that the Applicant must not drive a vehicle or operate dangerous equipment if impaired.
  • ABcann takes great care to ensure the cannabis they deliver to Clients is of the highest possible quality. However, ABcann does not provide any warranties under Sale of Goods legislation relating to merchantability or fitness for purpose. If you do have any concerns about the quality of cannabis you have received, we want to hear from you.
  • We will be sending medical cannabis to the shipping address you have provided us. If that address changes, please send us an amendment form.
  • We will get in touch by email if need be. If you rather we didn't email you or you don't use email, let us know and we'll call instead.
  • The Applicant consents to the Health Care Practitioner named in the Medical Document or Registration Certificate submitted in the context of this application to discuss the Applicant's medical status with ABcann personnel by telephone, fax or e-mail.
  • I agree to ABcann's Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, and Social Media Policy.

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